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Who is a Graphic Designer

Grafik Tasarımcı

Graphic designer

Graphic Designer, in order to convey a message to a specific target audience through visual means, writes and produces texts to be published in communication channels such as logos, posters, large street posters, press releases, packaging, books, magazines, promotional films, cartoons. is the person who designs with visual elements within artistic criteria.

What Does a Graphic Designer Do?

– Obtains detailed information on the subject of the design, makes interviews with customers,
– Creates a concept and main theme on the relevant subject,
– Designs visual arrangements in accordance with the concepts required by the subject,
– Contributes as art director in photography and film shootings when necessary, performs or supervises aesthetic arrangements in practice,
– Follows, supervises and finalizes the design process from the design of a material to be published or broadcast on television channels and the internet to the stage of printing or publication.

Graphic Design Profession

People who will do this profession should be people who can see the relationship between form and space, perceive colors, have a rich imagination, can express their designs through lines, are interested in artistic fields, are open to innovations, and follow technology closely.

The Graphic Designer has to work in the office with the computer or on the drawing table, from time to time in quiet environments, in film and photography studios, in agencies.

graphic design profession

The education of the profession is given in the Faculty of Fine Arts, Graphic Design, the Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture, Graphic Design, the Faculty of Art and Design, Graphic Design, the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, and the Graphic Arts Department of the integrated university for the disabled.

“Where Can Those Who Study Graphic Design Department Work?”

Graphic Designers work as a graphic designer, art director or assistant in the promotion sector, advertising agencies, promotional workshops, industry, trade and related departments of government organizations. They take part in studies prepared in multimedia and all kinds of electronic media. They work as art directors in newspapers or magazines in the publishing industry, they do page layout, cover design, related editing and illustration work. In the film industry, they can work in feature films, television films as art directors or in the preparation of credits. They work in all designs and applications prepared by computer. They work in cartoon workshops such as creating types and making generics.